Cloud Config

Static configuration for your app, in the cloud.

Imagine having a set of rules defined on the server which you could query in the app and then show or hide features, based on those rules. This is what cloud config is, your rules on our servers.

People are using cloud config to store information about the their APIs, features enabled, geographic rules and so much more.

You can store your config in any format you want, YAML, JSON, plain text, HTML, etc. Electrolytic does not care about that at all.

Whatever you store in our dashboard as your config, we'll provide that through our package to your app.

Whenever you update a config in the dashboard, we'll push it to all running instances of your app with config event.

electrolytic.on('config', (config) => {
  console.log('got new config', config)

After the token event has been emitted, you can also call electrolytic.configs.get() to get latest configs.

const latestConfigs = electrolytic.configs.get()

Go ahead, give it a try. Simply listening to config event is so much easier than releasing a new version of your app just to update API endpoints in-use.

For any issues, suggestions or questions regarding the docs, please use this repo.